Benefits of Studying Media

Benefits of Studying Media

Media science is a new field when you compare media studies with traditional subjects like maths and science. However, even though this is a new field, it is a discipline worthy of your time. This field is of high value, especially since mass media is everywhere, and they are shaping how we see the world and communicate.

This relatively new discipline of media studies can fall into many departments, such as English, film, communication, or visual media. Suppose you are someone who is planning to take media studies. In that case, you will analyze how mass media, which includes radio, TV, film, newspaper, magazines, books, digital games, the internet, and social media channels, influence our perspective. This field will examine mass media’s far-reaching impact on our culture, communities, and lifestyle.

But what precisely will you gain from studying this discipline? You can look into this guide to learn about the various benefits of pursuing media studies.

You will be able to see how they interact with another discipline

Media studies in an interdisciplinary course. This means that you will not just be studying media but will explore and gain insight into more than one branch of knowledge. For example, in media studies, you might come across corporate and governmental structures of media functions. While studying this, you will have to look at media from various perspectives, including business, mass communication, and economics. You might also explore how media communicate ideas and how they shape ideologies. And to do this, you will have to refer to psychology, sociology, and rhetoric. Thus, media studies offer an opportunity to explore various disciplines.


You will learn to think critically

We are indeed living in a world that is shaped by the media. You see the world, learn about various events that are happening in the world, and form multiple opinions based on what we see through media. But unfortunately, at times, we see media and internalize various messages that they are propagating without analyzing them. This is a huge mistake that can hinder your rationality.

If you are studying media studies, you will be able to acquire skills like critical thinking, argumentation, and analytical thinking skills. This will help one look into media more critically and learn to question them. This is a vital skill as we live in a world flooded with fake news.

You will be able to involve in a hands-on project.

If you are interested in mass media, this course can be beneficial as you will be able to take part in hands-on projects. You will be able to make creative videos and newspaper stories, focus on magazine ads, attend film festivals, and engage with social media platforms. In addition, the course will help the student to engage with media healthily and create a successful web presence.

Creative thinking

This is one such field that can develop your creative thinking skills. The course will help you view a problem from a new perspective, thus producing unique solutions.

Thus, by pursuing media studies, you will be able to develop various skills that can help you build your portfolio and succeed in the field you are interested in.


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