How Does Journalism Benefits Society?

How Does Journalism Benefits Society?

We live in a world flooded by the news, making it extremely difficult to distinguish between what is real and what is fake. Even though it has become tough to understand false information, journalism has a vital role in forming and redefining national identity. They still play a huge role in informing the citizens and helping them make the best possible decisions for their lives, society, and culture.

In this era of fake news, you might wonder if journalism still holds any relevance. The answer is yes! You can look into this guide to learn how journalism benefits society.

Journalism acts as a fourth Branch of Government

Journalists are not just news anchors or editors; they act as watchdogs for society and ensure that the rights of the people and all constitutional rights are followed. They are also one of the most visible proponents of freedom of speech. For instance, the U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom to the press, which means that press cannot be subjected to censorship. This means that the government cannot prohibit or restrain journalists from publishing a story or broadcast. Thus, journalism preserves the right to speech and ensures that citizens are informed about all the essential news that will impact their lives.

Journalism is meant to produce authentic content

We live in an era where we learn about events worldwide through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. While it is true that some of the posts are real and valid, other reposts are mostly rumors. But the articles that the journalists create are authentic. Even though journalists cannot be completely objective, they use objective methods to ensure that the news they produce is original.


Journalists look through various sources to ensure that they publish truths in their stories. It is research and the verification process that makes journalism authentic. Otherwise, these contents are nothing more than a meme or a rumor.

They follow a code of ethics

Any individual who identifies themselves as a journalist follows some ethics. They will promise to seek the truth and report it as it is. In the process of gaining the news, they make sure that they will not compromise or cause any harm to anyone. They also act independently, ensuring that their values will not be compromised for anyone (even those in power). These principles ensure that journalists do not compromise integrity while producing information.

Provide content that help shapes our opinions

Journalists do thorough research and provide details and information on various events that are happening across the world. They will develop stories and articles to help us understand many complex issues. They will come up with various issues that will affect our life and present all the sides of the issues; this will help us make an objective decision. In this manner, journalists will provide all the information that will enable the public to make intelligent decisions.

Thus, even though this world is exploding with rumors and fake news, journalism still plays a vital role in building nations and individuals.


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