Pros and Cons of being a Journalist

Pros and Cons of being a Journalist

A career in journalism can be very thrilling, fast-paced, and one of the best ways to stay informed. This is also a wonderful opportunity to share new ideas, be creative, travel to new places, meet new people, and learn about the world. Thus, a job in journalism has a lot of perks. But it also has some drawbacks that you should know if you consider a career in this field.

You can look into this guide to learn about the pros and cons of being a journalist. So, learn about all its sides and see if it is the right career path for you.

Pros of pursuing a career as a journalist

Becoming a journalist has many benefits. Here are the top three reasons for it being a rewarding career.


One of the main benefits of being a journalist is that it is one the best career to express your creativity. Journalists work for newspapers, magazines, or for online journals where they are allowed to express their personality and creative flair. They can show their creativity, come up with unique sides to their stories, and create a masterpiece. This is also one such field that will enable you to develop your communication and writing skills. The job also offers a space to share unique ideas and will help you see multiple viewpoints.


Another benefit of pursuing a career as a journalist is that it is fascinating. The news stories they cover can be about public figures, the latest events, local news, and political news. Moreover, the journalist has the pass to access special events like sports events, concerts, and exhibitions and to participate in rallies. The job will also enable you to travel to different places, and sometimes you can go on international trips.

Journalism is valuable to the society

One of the main reasons for pursuing journalism is that it is one such job that will help you contribute value to society. They are responsible for investigating events and coming up with the truth. They also help the public stay informed and expose societal injustices and wrongdoings.


Cons of becoming journalists

Even though there are many benefits to becoming a journalist, it also poses some issues. Here are the main two reasons:

It can be dangerous

At times, journalism can be a dangerous profession. Journalists often visit some areas to collect stories that can put them in challenging and compromising situations. In addition, they will have to travel to unknown places at their own risk, putting them in the center of violence to find the truth.

Highly competitive field

Journalism is a highly competitive field. Therefore finding the right opportunity and getting recognition will need a lot of effort, time, and patience.


Journalism is a demanding field. The editors and supervisors can place strict deadlines to complete specific stories. At times, they will also have to travel for an extended period, keeping them away from home for a long time.

So, compare the pros and cons of the field and decide if this is the right career option for you.


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